Everyone comes to Hollywood with a dream. I had a dream, but I had to completely re-evaluate my expectations and re-invent myself.
I had no idea it could be so scary. The JumpStart seminar gave me inside movie-biz info that would have taken years to learn.
After meeting with Judi and reviewing the time I spent establishing myself, I realized that I could have saved myself money and stress if only Iā€™d known about her and her seminars before I left.
L.A. was nothing like I expected, even though I was born in America. I had to relearn everything. Judi understands the cultural challenges better than anyone I have spoken to.
The thought of going to L.A. terrified me, and my parents, but after meeting Judi Levine I felt prepared and up to the challenge.
From cheap car rentals to immigration lawyers, the JumpStart seminar is a great way to prepare yourself for L.A. life.